Mosaic has now expanded to include Namaste Care, a special program designed specifically for those residents with advanced dementia. The ultimate goal of the program is reflected in its name; Namaste is a Hindu term meaning “to honor the spirit within”. This multi-sensory program, developed by Joyce Simard, a social worker and dementia care specialist, offers calming end-of-life care that is designed to improve quality of care for residents with late-stage dementia.

Namaste Care takes place 7 days a week and provides residents with meaningful sensory-based activities and interactions. Residents in the Namaste Care room are welcomed with a warm touch, nestled into comfortable recliners and tucked in with soft quilts for a feeling of security. Soft music is played and aromatherapy scents are used to provide sensory stimulation.

Care given to these residents includes massaging their head and feet, gently brushing or combing their hair, moisturizing their skin and providing them with food and beverages throughout the day. Circulation is also improved through motion exercises performed to the soft music.

The Namaste Care Program offers families a serene place to bond with their loved one. “The magic that is created in the Namaste Care room is quite moving to everyone involved,” states Joyce Simard. “The staff and families are in awe of the sense of peace that shows on the faces of residents.”

Ashley Gardens of Bremerton was the first assisted living community in the country to recognize the need for special programming that would be focused on residents with advanced dementia.  Under the leadership of Life Enrichment Director Janet Presley, the Namaste Care Program I developed has provided meaningful activities for residents who could no longer participate in “traditional” activities.   The foundation of Namaste Care is “the power of loving touch” and with this calm, soothing approach to care, their residents are surrounded with love.

Residents are smiling, families are grateful for this special care and the staff who offer this program often say that being in the Namaste Care program is the best part of the day.

Years after Ashley Gardens of Bremerton began to offer Namaste Care, other assisted living communities are beginning to offer Namaste Care in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.  Ashley Gardens of Bremerton, led the way.

Joyce Simard MSW, Adjunct Associate Professor University of Western Sydney, Australia
Geriatric Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author
Tampa, Florida

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