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2017 Fitness Challenge

This year, the Cascades of Bremerton Fitness challenge will consist of participation in our many exercise classes. The purpose of the challenge is to get residents motivated and excited for improving their physical fitness. The residents must earn up to 60 points to receive a t-shirt that recognizes their achievement. One point equals 15 minutes of exercise. Fitness classes range anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, so the choice is yours to see how fast you earn the points.

There are several classes available to participate in. We have a daily class which warms up our muscles and joints to get the day going, called Body Joint Exercise. The other classes provided are Everfit, Tai-Chi, and Everfit Balance. Come join the challenge, you may find yourself not only gaining strength, energy, mobility and balance, but also finding yourself laughing and having a great time with your friends.

The Cottage of Bremerton – Flower Planting in the Courtyard

The Residents, Staff and the Girls Scouts make a terrific team! What a wonderful time we all had making the courtyard blooming with flowers. The residents had a great time planting and laughing with the Girl Scouts and their Families. They also enjoyed T.J., a King Charles Spaniel who is in training to become a Therapy Dog, and of course their special treats of Ice Cream Sandwiches for participating.

Thank you so much to Girl Scout Troop 40453 for your Community Service and bringing join to our residents.