Tacoma Glass Museum

Residents went to the Tacoma Glass Museum August 15th and to lunch. They watched the glass artist up close and were able to ask questions about the process.


S’mores & Guitar

The residents at the Willows enjoyed and evening around the fire roasting marshmallows, eating s'mores and listening to resident Gary play his guitar and sing.


Hand Arthritis Brunch and Learn

We squeezed 40 guests into Town Hall. 🙂 It was 87 degrees, but our amazing team made the room sparkle and the food was spectacular. Thank you. 🙂


Gig Harbor Boat Trip

Residents of The Willows were joined by a group of residents from Arbor Village, to take part in a boat tour through Riviera cruises in Gig Harbor. The two hour trip explored the historical Gig Harbor Marina, traveled under the Tacoma Narrows bridges, and passed by Point Defiance. Residents enjoyed sunshine and animal sightings that included harbor seals, bald eagles, porpoises, and one large napping sea lion. We concluded our evening with a sunset dinner at Anthony's overlooking the marina.