Employee Spotlight October 2016

This past October, the residents and employees of the Cottage learned about the Philippines and tried out different foods from their country. Joseph Atienzo, one of our Filipino employees here at the Cottage, is known for his patience, resiliency, hard work and hospitality. He attributes these qualities from being raised in the Philippines; but those are only a few of the traits that Joseph possesses. Being the third sibling to his three brothers, Joseph learned to be self-supporting due to the many basic needs in his family. That gave him the urge to work harder and be prepared to handle what may lie ahead. He spent his spare time singing, playing the guitar and watching movies. He has been a good provider to his two children and a loving husband to his wife. As an employee, he is compassionate and always ready to lend a helping hand when needed.

On October 11, 2016, Joseph presented the customs and traditions in the Philippines to our residents. He wanted everybody to see his country and what his ancestors had gone through during their times. He was able to impart Filipino culture by showing pictures and thoroughly explaining what was behind them. It was like going into a time machine that afternoon and seeing the Philippines in front of you. Questions from our residents, who were overwhelmed upon seeing a glimpse of Filipino culture, were raised and answered politely in return by Joseph. The presentation that Joseph gave did indeed inform our residents of a different culture, and they had fun while learning something new.

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