Small Company Advantage

In today’s senior living industry, small, privately owned senior living providers are quickly becoming few and far between. However, at Cascade Living Group, we believe that by maintaining a small, yet financially sound, company in this industry, we are providing our residents with a number of very important, distinct advantages that help set us apart from many other senior living providers.

At Cascade, we are committed to providing high-quality senior living and care to our residents. For us, part of this dedication means that our owners and senior management are aware of the day-to-day operations of each and every one of our communities. The very short chain of command at Cascade means that our owners and senior management are able to maintain a very hands-on approach, ensuring that all of our residents in all of our communities are receiving the same high-quality lifestyle and care they deserve.

As a small company, our owners and senior management also pride themselves in their ability to be approachable by both our staffs and families, resulting in effective communication from the bottom up and from the top down throughout the entire organization, as well as providing fast and easy resolution of any problems or concerns that may arise. Our owners communicate with our senior management and community administrators on a regular basis and it’s not uncommon to find one of them visiting one of our communities on any given day.

We truly believe that being a small company gives our residents – and their families – peace of mind in knowing that our owners and senior management are so actively involved with – and so easily accessible to – every community and every resident.

It’s what we consider The Difference of Cascade Living Group.