a huge thank you

I wanted to send you both a huge thank you that you can share with your staff. Last night my Dad (Harry Sprinkle) was having chest pains and my mom called 911 for assistance.

I wanted to thank your staff for going above and beyond! I received a phone call from someone on your staff (I’m so sorry that I don’t remember the lovely lady’s name) to let me know that Mom had called 911, that Dad decided to not be transported, but if indeed he kept hurting and needed to call again that the ambulance would transport him to the hospital.

Living in Gig Harbor a good 45 minute drive away it makes me feel so good to know that my parents are living in a community that they’re loved and cherished as individuals.

I have had the opportunity to visit my parents several times over the last month that they’ve been living in the Willows, and I am SO impressed with every resident and staff member that I’ve come in contact with. The staff is always happy, upbeat and caring- and the residents truly enjoy living in this community.

Thank you again- and please know that you’re so appreciated by the families that you serve!

Debbie Hughes

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