Why Ashley Gardens of Bremerton is the right move for your parents

Making the decision to move into a senior living community can be one of the most challenging decisions that an individual and their family will ever make. Here are some things to consider as you begin the journey of choosing a community:

1) The right time to move is now.

So often in this industry we see situations where a parent or family member waits too long to make the decision for a lifestyle change. It is always better to make the choice sooner than later. Making the move when your parent is still healthy will allow him/her to enjoy all that Ashley Gardens of Bremerton has to offer and could help avoid a rushed decision about where to live, in the event of a health crisis.

2) Become a family again.

As our parents age, we see changes occurring that cause us to worry about their safety and quality of life. In some situations it is necessary to become the caregiver. Our relationship and role with our parents change and we miss what we once had. When a parent moves into Ashley Gardens of Bremerton, safety will no longer be a concern and, in those circumstances where it has been necessary to be the primary caregiver, that burden will also be lifted so that the  relationship between parent and child can return to normal.

3) Know your financial options.

Many families are concerned about the costs associated with moving into a senior living community.  Ashley Gardens of Bremerton offers a variety of financial options to meet individual needs, including programs that allow you to “give us a try” before making the move. Many options will provide additional savings and value.

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“Our whole family appreciates the staff at Ashley Gardens. It has meant so much to me to have Mom cared for my such loving, giving and happy people – and I too, have felt welcome during my visits with Dad & by myself. I felt part of the family and enjoyed your company, as well as Mom’s. I loved that you told me about Mom laughing or talking with you. It made me feel she was still there, somewhere. Bless you all.”

— Mary W.