Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering at our Cascade Living Group Communities.

Mission and Philosophy

Cascade Living Group embraces the concept of living well. This includes maximizing each individual’s potential across the six areas of wellness:

  • · Physical wellness
  • · Social wellness
  • · Intellectual
  • · Emotional
  • · Spiritual
  • · Vocational

In keeping with our mission and philosophy, volunteers play a vital role in helping our residents maintain wellness. Our Volunteer Program has opportunities for groups and individuals to provide activities, performances, and assistance to our Life Enrichment programs.

Benefits of the Volunteer Program

Besides making a difference by sharing your knowledge and skills with our residents, we have these added benefits for each of our volunteers:

  • · Meals: during your volunteer time, with a minimum of two hours, please feel free to request an employee meal on us!
  • · Quarterly networking and social events: please join us for our community networking and social events as our guest!
    · Annual recognition awards

How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Application: complete our volunteer application.
  2. Interview: our volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up an interview to discuss your passions and background and see how we can best use your skills and interests to benefit our residents.
  3. Criminal background screening: all of our volunteers must meet the state requirements for having access to vulnerable adults, which includes a criminal background screening. The community pays for associated costs of the criminal background check.
  4. Health screening: some states require health screening for volunteers which may include a physician’s report or tuberculosis testing. The community pays for any associated costs of the required health screenings.
  5. Orientation: all volunteers are given an orientation of the community and general assigned tasks prior to volunteering at the community.

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